Master Blacksmith Axel Landqvist early 20th century

A family history

This is a brief narrative about the family Landqvist from village blacksmiths in Jonsberg parish in Vikbolandet Östergötland to contemporary life in the 21st century. The earliest church records of the ancestry tree dates back to the 16th century, when Erik Landqvist become village blacksmith and shifted his surname to Landqvist. For almost 5 centuries the oldest son in the family took up the guild and became blacksmith. The last one to practice the profession for his whole life were Axel Landqvist (on the picture) outside his forge at the turning of the 20th century. The last one to become a blacksmith, and leaving home as apprentice at age 10, were Sten Landqvist born 1909. Agnes and Axel's oldest son. They were 5 siblings in the family: Agda, Sten, Margit, Tage, Anders and Per.

When the first world war ended, and there were socialtal changes. The trade being village blacksmith changed with new farming practices and the advent of the car in society. Sten decided to take on an adjacent discipline as car mechanics in early 1930s.

The car garage mid 30's

Outside the garage in Norrköping in mid 1930's with cars lining up for repair in the workshop. Still at this time cars were a new fancy, and the first cars on the streets of Norrköping were in late 10's, still with horse carriage present.

At work in the garage

A day at work in the workshop at the garage in the mid 1930's.

Sten Landqvist foreman in the garage

A day at work as foreman in the car garage, in the office. Sten shifted his profession from blacksmith, to work as a professional car mechanics and foreman in the local car garage for his whole professional carrier. Society changed with the automotive landscape.

Car mechanics at work

A nice picture of everyday work practice in the car garage.

In the chemical lab mid 70s

Willy, the eldest son of Sten & Margit, was the first one to tap into further education and became chemical engineer by trade. The first one to leave the guild path of being apprentice for blacksmith.

Silicon era

With the societal changes after World War II, and the silicon era emerged. As with computers, and printed cercuit boards and surface mount technologies. Willy worked as chemical engineer, with laminates for the electronic industry.

The Internet era

In the late 1980's Internet became the major change agent for the digital era, or the emerging knowledge society. The inception of Internet, or Arpanet started the very same year as Fredric the oldest son of Willy & Kristin was born 1967. He has taken on the route in his professional work, within the domain of computers, and the emerging Internet.

Digital Natives

Born at the turn of the millennium, the new generation of the family Landqvist reach for new scenes and opportunities beyond.... What will become of this generation born digital? The societal changes still emerge, and the contours of the futures to be have still not been crispy and clear. Will the AI companion become ambient and ubiquitous?

Digital Natives, makers movement

Next generation Eric and Ella (Fredric and Katharina's kids) building a digital future....

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