Knowledge Networking: Shared insights and patterns to improve information management

Through a blend of craftmanship embodied in practice and academic depth within knowledge management, Landqvist Internet Consulting rest upon two pilars, apophenia and serendipity.

The networked everyday life, stresses new ways of working and doing business where information and social networks are the vehicles to become competitive.

Apophenia, "the spontanous perception of connections and meaningfulness in unrelated things", William Gibson, Pattern Recognition. Serendipity, refers to an accidental yet desirable discovery. Knowledge, networks and information do have a very fluid aura, that do stress the need to change perception. It is very difficult to capture into boxes and arrows. This is the reason why I like the two words that describe this tension. Everyday practice is a continous pragmatic path to find patterns.

Knowledge Management, do need new ways of drawing the map and analyse the patterns and topography of information.  In that I combine Information Architecture, Enterprise Architecture and the researchers lenses to 'things'. Finding 'things' becomes a quest far reaching in all digital domains, which is the reason why findability depicts how well any portal, intranet, collaborative space will be of use. Hence realise business values.

Boxes and arrows are needed tools in the communication of the map, but to scent information and knowledge networking one have to apply technology drifting thinking.